Add 2nd spock drum to Marching Percussion Tenor instrument and clean up amplitude envelopes

• May 4, 2016 - 09:10
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S5 - Suggestion

This is in response to this discussion.....

Work has already started on this in that the existing spock samples have been pitch-shifted a minor third upwards, and added to the instrument.

Issues have since emerged with the instrument which are currently being addressed.....

1. The amplitude envelopes do not allow the samples to speak for their full length.
2. Key assignments need to be adjusted which will impact on Instruments.xml
3. The buzz roll samples do not match the pitch of the normal samples.


Current state of progress......

new buzz roll samples have been created from the normal tenor drum samples and have replaced the old ones.

The second spock drum is in and currently mapped to MIDI notes #125-#127

Still to do......

1. The whole Marching Tenor instrument keymap needs changing so that it can be played from a 61 note keyboard. I'm going to open a separate issue for this, as it will benefit from its own discussion.

2. Add loop points to the buzz rolls.

3. Tidy up amplitude envelopes.

FluidR3Mono.SF2 version 3.08 is available from the usual place.....

So, how do I access these new sounds? I got the file FluidR3Mono_GM2-308.SF2 and put it in the "Sounds" folder and then set it as the default in the synthesizer, but I do not see the second spock, etc. What am I doing wrong?

You need to use the Edit drumset dialogue to assign the 2nd spock to the drum palette.

Currently only the soundfont has been changed.

Once you have assigned the 2nd spock in the Edit Drumset dialogue you should save the DRM file so you can load it when you want to use it again.

Incidentally you won't yet find the 2nd Spock sounds listed in the Edit Drumset dialogue. You will need to add the descriptions when you assign the sounds.

If in doubt open the soundfont in Viena or Polyphone.
You will then have access to all keymapping and sample names.

Wow, I literally have no clue anything you just said. :-) Will it be automatic at the next full update? If so, I'll just wait until then.

Yes it will be part of the default soundfont.

Once I've done the key remapping I'll do a DRM file that you can just load in to the Edit Drumset dialogue.

What MIDI notes are you planning to map the 2nd spock sounds to? (Asking to I can add these to my improvements to marching percussion instruments.xml without having to add an update for correct note mapping)

I know they're 125–127, but which sound goes to which note?

Also, should they all go on the first ledger line?

It might be good to move the sticks all the way past the Spock 2. Having it in between drum 4 & 3 makes it odd when clicking the different drums to write.
Also, I usually see stick clicks on the top line with an X for the note head.

Status (old) patch (ready to commit) patch (code needs review)

The note assignment for the Stick Clicks was chosen for compatibility with GM2 standard drumsets, so I don't think the actual note assignment should be changed.

OTOH it would be perfectly in order to edit the DRM file to place it in a position where you want it.

Perhaps you would post the DRM file here when you have edited it?

It might be better to reverse the shortcuts a little.

Drum 1 would work better as A, 2 as B, 3 as C, 4 as D. Spocks are already set to E & F, which works nicely.
This keeps the consistency with working downwards on the drums, so when tenors would play a 1e&ah down the drums you simply just type ABCD, instead of that backwards.

That's totally understandable. Maybe it is just me, but I've always assigned the shortcuts so A would be the original top drum of quads, then downward, Making A = 1, B = 2, and so forth