MuseScore generates 50 % load to my PC in some situations

• May 8, 2016 - 09:12
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Attached there is the score Veronika,_der_Lenz_ist_da_2.mscz which generates around about 50 % load to my PC, if I activate the display “Continuous display” "German "Kontinuierliche Anzeige".
If the display is used in “Sheet display” German “Seitenansicht” this does not occur.
This is, when I am locked in as a Administrator.

If I am locked in as a standard user this does not occur.

If I use another score this does not occur. See attachment Hallelujah.mscz

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Veronika,_der_Lenz_ist_da_2.mscz 32.3 KB
Hallelujah.mscz 89.28 KB


So I assume MuseScore .exe saturates one of the 2 cores, you should see that in the Task Manager.

I can't reproduce it on my PC, Windows 7, 4 core + HT, so CPU load might be some 12.5% , if it'd saturate one core, but it is just 1% here.

Do you have the Navigator active? If so try to disable (F12) or resize it and check whether that has an influence on the CPU load.