Outstanding software! Thank you!!

• May 13, 2016 - 18:51

Outstanding software! Thank you to all those that contribute to this fine open source software.

The entire project team: project management, developers, support, documentation, website and admin staff. I hope that includes everyone involved.

I see Marc Sabatella's name all over these support forums, so, "Thanks, Marc!", for all your support!

I'm having a ball using MuseScore 2.0.3 and learning a lot at the same time.
You've made my retirement so much more enjoyable and productive.
Thank you, All!!

Best regards,

John Ellard, Sr.


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Fully agreed, John!

Microsoft could take a lesson from this excellent piece of software and it's development team. This team listens to users and responds accordingly. There is no arrogance that suggests they know everything. Obviously, Marc needs to make a living, but he is not SO profit driven (like Microsoft) that he ignores the wants and needs of his users.

My feeling about Windows 10 (now that I had to upgrade because Windows 7 became SO corrupted) is that Microsoft is really feeling the pinch of free third party software that actually works and is bug free. Windows 10 works very well for me. There are a few bugs but nothing I can't live with.

It's long overdue. Perhaps Microsoft finally took a look at the pictures of Detroit after GM had pulled out and said, "We could be next!" GM may be in big trouble. The same could easily happen to Microsoft, that is, they could fall heavy!

Keep making music :).

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