Making "tails" thicker?

• May 29, 2016 - 10:47

Hi again everybody, sorry for one more dumb question. The thing is I want to make stems thicker and I have managed to do so almost everywhere. I don't know though, how to make "tails" of individual eights look thicker! I am including a screenshot. So if you take a look at left hand, you will see that the vertical stems are thick, but the tails, which designate eights, are still too thin. So where can I adjust their size and thickness? Thank you!

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Hook? Another approach:
Layout / Page Settings ... -> Scaling: eg. 2.964
(It is not what you are looking for but it may be useful)

These are drawn using a character from the currently-selected music font, so they come out whatever size they are designed to be in that font. You could try one of the other music fonts in Style / General to see if one works better for you.

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