Fingering text on unison notes loses offset values

• May 29, 2016 - 19:02
Reported version
S4 - Minor

2.0.3 on Win 7/10.

See attached file. This issue affects unison notes in the same voice.


1. In measure 3, add "Fingering" number "4" to the first whole note. Move the text so that it is above the note.
2. Then add "LH guitar fingering" number "0" to the second whole note and reposition it so that it is above the note.
3. Save the file, then close and reopen it.

Expected result: Fingering number positions remains unchanged.
Actual result: Fingering numbers move out of position.

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unison_note_fingering.mscz 8.03 KB


No, it's a bug, and connected to a number of other glitches that happen with elements attached to unison notes. Worth making sure we keep ll the different cases in mind if/when we look at this. I think what happens is that the two notes, being of the same pitch on the same line, end up getting sorted differently each time the score is read. That is , we have code that sorts that literally sorts the ntoes in each chord bottom to top, and since these notes have the same pitch, they could legitimately be sorted either way, and if the algorithm happens to put one first in the sort order one time but the other first another time, this affects which of the two notes gets put to the left and which gets put to the right, and thus markings attached to the notes move as well. Probably we just need a way to force consistent sorting of unison notes.

I suspect #65676: Ties omitted between chords with unison notes is related to this. I know there have been other reports as well, maybe just in forum because I can't find issues.