Misplaced lyrics in import

• Jun 9, 2016 - 06:12
S4 - Minor

Usually, the abc import plugin works beautifully for me, but this time, I've struck a problem. Here is a small part of the abc code: X:001
T:She's A Lassie From Lancashire
R:Clog Waltz
S:As sung by Florrie Forde, 1907
C:C.W. Murphy,Dan Lipton,John Neat,1907.
N:Commonly used for Sam Sherry's Clog Waltz(Lancashire)
Z:Chris Partington 2011
S:"chris" 2011-5-22
w:1.~From a dear li-ttle Lan-ca-shire Town A boy had sailed a-way,_ A
w:2.~Night and day of his la-ssie he'd dream,\
w:And un-der love's sweet spell,_ He'd
w:3.~Day by day he kept plo-dding a-way, And to his task he stuck,_ Till

The word "Verse" appears in the correct place, but the lyrics, all 4 verses, start under the piece of music before and I can't find a way to select, remove and paste into a new position. Now, I suppose I can laboriously delete the lyrics syllable by syllable and retype them into the correct place, but computers are supposed to make things easier. BTW, I have tried getting the abc code from another source, but the same thing happened. My next trick will be to use Cmd X to remove the line of music and put that in a new place, when I get round to it.

This is from http://abcnotation.com/tunePage?a=trillian.mit.edu/~jc/music/abc/waltz/…


Status (old) active closed

Any issue with the lyrics appearing in the wrong place is with the third party ABC to MusicXML converter used, so you would need to report the problem to the developer of that tools (abc2xml).

Moving the lyrics within MuseScore is easy, however. Select them all (right click one, Select / All Similar Elements), Ctrl+X to cut *Cmd+X on Mac), then click the first note you want to attach them to instead, Ctrl+V (or Cmd+X) to paste.