Enharmonic name changes

• Jun 24, 2016 - 18:31
Reported version
S4 - Minor

In 2.0.3 and master ae37ad9
1. select a note
2. "Ctrl + J" (or whatever the shortcut is for enharmonic down; one can look in Edit > Preferences... > Shortcuts)

Expected: The note would change enharmonic downwards
Result: The note changes enharmonic upwards (as with "J")


Am I misinterpreting the meaning of "up" and "down"?
It seems that enharmonic down is currently used for spelling changes for only one tpc. OTOH, the usage I thought it was for only saves at most 1 keystroke...

Status (old) active by design

"Downward" doesn't actually make literal sense - the whole point of enharmonic changes is the pitch doesn't change. Anyhow, it just cycles through the available choices. By itself, it affects both concert & transposed pitches; with Ctrl it affects the current mode only. If you are seeing somewhere in the UI or the documentation where this is not as clear as it could be, feel free to make changes there, but the way it is actually working is correct.

Title Enharmonic down doesn't work Enharmonic name changes
Status (old) by design active

Ok, then:

In Edit > Preferences... > Shortcuts, there is "enharmonic down" and "enharmonic up."
In Musescore internals (and in mscore/scoreview.cpp), the commands are called "enh-down" and "enh-up."
Also in scoreview.cpp, cmdChangeEnharmonic has the parameter bool up.

All these places will need some sort of name change to indicate that one changes all modes, and one changes the current mode only.

Yes. I think the original implementation of these was different, and these commands also have a different meaning for tab, so some cleanup could well be in order.