[ trunk ] New wizard creates wrong printable width

• Aug 18, 2011 - 19:31
S4 - Minor

Ever since ~4700, this is what a new (piano) score looks like...


And clicking on Lines in the palette stll crashes MS.



Title [ trunk ] R4702 [ trunk ] New wizard creates wrong printable width

Setup: trunk SVN rev. 4703; Qt lib 4.7.3; Ubuntu 11.04

Step: Create a new score with any instrument(s) and default settings

Result: the printable width is set to 5.xxx mm.

Analysis: This depends on the PageFormat() creator (file page.cpp, function PageFormat::PageFormat()): it sets _width and _height to 1 (inch?) (cfr. file mscore.cpp function void MScore::init()); and then:
    _printableWidth = _width - 20.0 / INCH;
sets the printable width to 1 in. - 20mm ca. = 5 mm.

To fix: At first sight, it seems that paperWidth and paperHeight in void MScore::init() should be set to 'real' values (210 / INCH, 297 / INCH) and not to 1.

Note: I fail to understand why the printable width should be the same on odd and even pages. Usually it is, of course, but when page is double sided, it should be possible to set any margin independently for each page type. This new 'feature' makes also (unnecessarily) more cumbersome setting the needed margins, as increasing the left margin reduces the right margin and vice versa. For what is worth, I preferred the previous situation (no fixed printable width).