Midi Piano with Chords, Split Staff drops chords

• Aug 27, 2011 - 19:39
S4 - Minor

I am experimenting with MuseScore. So far, I liked it very much. Great job by developers. The forum is awesome and questions are actually answered. That is a big plus.
One issue I am facing is when I import Midi file with Piano and chords. See Test.mid attached. I have few notes and simple chords in it.
By default, MuseScore converts the Midi to single staff. See TestBeforeSplit-1.png.
I figured how to change the clef and Split the Staff. However after the split, the chords are dropped and a simple note is in its place. See TestAfterSplit-1.png.
Am I doing anything wrong? What steps should I take to correctly split the staff and preserve the chords?

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