Split staff drops lower notes

• Oct 6, 2010 - 04:54
S2 - Critical

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Open file: "jako1.mscz "
2. Right click on the empty part of a measure and choose "Split Staff..."
3. Press "OK" to dismiss the "Split Staff" dialog

Expected behavior: All the notes of the original chords should appear somewhere on the score

Actual behavior: The lower staff shows only single notes (instead of chords) and drops all lower notes from chords.

Visual comparison: http://i.imgur.com/SrtEC.jpg

MuseScore version: stable and r. 3548 trunk

(Operating System: Windows 7)

first reported by simrama: http://musescore.org/en/node/7388


After splitting the staff, the first measure of the lower staff has the notes in bass-clef position but shows a treble staff symbol. The second measure of the lower staff has the notes in treble-clef position. (For a comparison see "Split staff clef.png" attached).

(Tested using r. 3569 trunk, self-built, Windows 7)

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I have just loaded V1.1, and it appears to have the exact same problem, a year after being flagged as critical for 'losing notes'.

It is super easy to replicate, just put three notes on the stave, one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom, then split the stave in the middle, the lower note is lost.

Is there any progress on this of late, or did the importance fizzle away a year ago?

Anyway, aside from this bug which is causing me a big problem in trying to split downloaded mid files into 'handed part' sheet music for learning piano with, this software is fantastic, and astonishingly free!!!

Please keep up the good work.


There are at least three other unresolved threads posted for this same problem, all threads seem to have received no attention for over a year although the problem still exists.

As this thread is the only one with any past activity I will post links to the other threads here for quick reference.
Incorrect staff splitting -> http://musescore.org/en/node/6606
Midi Piano with Chords, Split Staff drops chords -> http://musescore.org/en/node/12302
Vanished notes after splitting-> http://musescore.org/en/node/7388

I think that any feature which loses notes in an unexpected manner should be flagged as critical. 'Split Staff' needs to be fixed or removed as it is dangerous in it's current form (it wasted a good chunk of my time until I figured out what was going on). Personally I hope it gets fixed as it is a key feature for me.


Trunk? Branch?
Please excuse my ignorance, but I have no clue if the problem I have is trunk or branch related, therefore I have no idea whatsoever if 'my problem' is fixed.
Would somebody in the know please enlighten me?


Trunk & Branch refers to the source code repository. Branch is the stable 1.x version, trunk refers to the current 2.x unstable developer version. Development is done on trunk. Some simple fixes with low risk of producing new issues are sometimes backported to the 1.x branch.

Status (old) fixed active

Got it, thanks for the help.

So it's fixed for the next major release (V2), but not for the current R1.x? No problem, all I was hoping for is a future fix.
I guess r4881 is tonight's nightly, so I shall give it a try once it is posted, especially as I can run the two alongside each other. I really need the split staff feature for MuseScore to be useful to me right away, so I guess I shall become one of your 'testers'.

Thanks for the speedy responses and the quick fix.