Mixer: Mute/solo all instruments?

• Sep 2, 2016 - 10:05

In the mixer, would it be useful to have an option to mute/solo all channels, perhaps using ctrl + click in one of the tickboxes?


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You obviously wouldn't need to solo all instruments. But you might want to solo (or mute) a selection, and then It would be useful to be able to instantly return to the full complement of instruments rather than having to "unsolo" (or unmute) each channel.

More generally, the capacity to toggle between two mixer setups: The full instrument complement on one hand and a selection of instruments on the other.

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When you express it that way, it really suggests a different feature: the ability to create logical groupings of instruments. So you can mute or solo the brass all at once, or change their volume, etc. This is indeed a common request, one that has been discussed some but with no real solid proposal that I know of.

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Well, you could get a minimal feature with two checkboxes up top - mute all, solo all. That wouldn't do the logical groupings thing, though.

You might be able to add to that by tieing it to bracketing - the thick not-curly one for sections(brass, woodwind, string, percussion) that thin square one for individual instrument sections - flutes, violins, horns.

Lots of people don't use brackets or the templates, though.

But the mute all, solo all check boxes would be easy.

Well, I suppose you could have check boxes for woodwind, brass, strings and percussion up top doing the same thing. It would just have to know every single one of those instruments Musescore supports and check the mixer list for them. A little memory intensive, but nothing better is occuring to me.

                    Solo                                                    Mute                             
[]All []Woodwind {} Brass [] Percussion [] Strings []All []Woodwind [] Brass {} Percussion [] Strings
Usual mixer list


No, I don't have a fancy mock up program, why do you ask? :-D

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An alternate use that the author may not have intended is to undo all present muted instruments, and to un solo all currently solo-ed instruments

For me, this would be helpful, as i like to listen to certain selections of instruments in my score, and then add another instrument to said playback, and listen to it again, and then add another instrument to the playback, and listen to it again, and etc.

The problem is that you have to go and unmute or unsolo all the instruments that you just clicked afterwards, which can really impede creative flow. I think a simple 'un mute all' and 'un solo all' wouldnt clutter up the current mixer ui, and would be quite a valued time saver.

Please please tell me this is going to happen!
I use Audacity for sound file editing (a LOT of editing of multiple tracks) and my need to mute/unmute all is a reflex. I actually couldn't believe there wasn't a way to do that directly in the mixer or by some other means.
For the most part, I have found Musescore to be very user friendly. Being able to show or hide instruments is a nice feature, but I wish I could do it with a click near the instrument in the score rather than having to dig through the Edit menu.

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You can solo multiple instruments at once. If you solo the Flute and Double Bass on a 36 instrument score with standard layout it is a long way to scroll, and possibly change a random dial or two because you move your mouse a fraction of an inch. I usually scroll rather than drag the bar, especially if I want an instrument in the middle of the score.

As far as hiding staffs is concerned, When I compose or transcribe I do it from continuous view so auto hide of staffs doesn't hide the instrument I'm looking for. If I have instrument doubling I only want one of the instruments for a player to be visible at a time such as the B-flat and F trumpets on this score:


You will have to look at it in continuous view.

If I understand, you want what is possible with a mixing table, with grouping severals instruments (all the Saxs or all the Trumpets, in a Big-band) on a only button. On a big mixing table you have so 8 groups, and moving a button makes more or less for the severals instruments. You can do that with MS in grouping these severals instruments on a staff.

When I write for a big-band or for a concert band , I have, at the end a score with all the separated, (4 clarinets, 4 Triumpets) and after, I build the score for the Director, and there, I group, these severals seperate parts on only one staff, one for the Flute, one for the Clarinets ....When it is done I can use the mixer to a complete group of instruments.

I wish you understand my English, I'm French.Bye.

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