Pause signs don't auto-arrange

• Oct 20, 2011 - 17:08
S4 - Minor
by design

Those two pause signs don't auto-arrange themselves to the middle of the measure as they should.
It would be VERY neat if they would.
Perhaps this improvement would also fix other stuff in the meantime.


See attached screenshot.

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Yup, it did fix it. Thank you so much!

Now the only remaining questions are why they got to be like that in the first place and if there is some underlying bug that will still cause the same behaviour in the future.

If I see this happening again, I'll post back.


Status (old) active by design

This is by design. MuseScore makes a distinction between a full measure rest i.e a whole rest symbol denoting a empty measure even if the measure is 2/4 or 7/4 and an actual whole rest of 4 beats.
If you enter a whole rest using the duration (7) then it's a whole rest and left aligned. If you let the mesure empty or empty it by pressing "delete", it's a full measure rest and it's centered.

Well, speaking out of my sense of inherence, shouldn't this still automatically align itself to the middle of the measure?

I mean, what I entered there IS the whole time quantity of the measure, shouldn't it be automatically aligning itself to the middle of the measure then?

What's the point in it aligning itself to the left anyways otherwise, it only makes MuseScore look uneven visually.

I'm on the idea that things have to be simmetric.

I don't understand as of now why there is an implemented differentiation between a whole rest and an empty measure. If it's a whole rest, wouldn't that imply resting the whole measure?