1.1 R4902 Score tabs disappear

• Oct 26, 2011 - 19:57
S4 - Minor

If you have MS set to "Continue Last Session" under prefs, and you have more than one score open, and you leave anything but the first score tab as the active score when you quit, then the next time you start MS no score tabs will be visible, the entire line will be gone. Closing a score (Ctrl-F4) or open another one will correct this. Ctrl-Tab to cycle through the scores won't work.

This is MS with 3 scores open before I quit. Note the third score was active:
This is the normal display

This is MS after a restart, still 3 scores but there's no tabbed bar anymore. The third score is the active one still.
And after...


This has been going on for some time. I re[ported it a number of months ago, even before 1.1, I think while still in beta.

I am using 1.1 - 4611.

It happens intermittently now. I hadn't spotted the difference depending what tab was active. I'll look at that.

I find I do not have to do a reload. Simply save the score that appears, and the tabs appear. Save you a little work. :-)


Ah, I hadn't tried saving, thanks for the quick fix. I find that the problem is completely reproduceable right now using any tab but the first. I only went as far as 3 or 4 tabs.

Yes, this was a trunk fix. I never tested the trunk for this bug, but it must have been there. It's not a show-stopper bug for the branch but maybe it can be backported.