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• Oct 9, 2016 - 22:54

Change the note head color after a while does not work properly. The palette showing the custom colors appears to be larger then the monitor height, so it’s impossible to choose the color within the custom color set. I have to quit and reopen Muse to fix it.
Is it a bug of this last release or maybe an issue with Mac OSX ??

MuseScore (6347ed6) on MacBook Pro 13”, OS X 10.11.4 (15E65)


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I've tried again more times. Actually it's difficult to say when the problem occurs: it's unpredictible.
However I've noticed that there is a progressive malfunctioning, for example together with the impossibility to reach the custom colors palette (which stays at the bottom of the window that shows colors, just below the 'Opacity' control) I've happened that it was impossible to change the color of a selected object (i.e. a line).

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I've had the same problem. I'm coloring notes a few at a time. Every time I open the color window, it's a bit larger than before. I can't resize it, and if I close and reopen the window it is larger than before. I'm on OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite). That really is all that's happening. Just opening the color window several times.

I am having exactly the same problem on my Mac Laptop. The color palette becomes larger and larger until the “OK” button becomes invisible. Closing the palette and reopening does nothing (it is stuck in the too large size). Closing the Inspector and reopening it does nothing. The palette remains too large when opened.

I then went to System Preferences and reduced the magnification of the screen. Then the OK button is visible again. But then the color palette starts becoming larger and larger, until it is larger than the new screen size at the reduced magnification. If you reduce the magnification of the screen further exactly the same thing happens, until there is no recourse but to quit Muse Score to reset the palette size, since you can’t reduce the screen magnification any more.

I should add (editing earlier post) that the problem does not occur immediately. I just changed the color of about 8 note heads and then the palette suddenly became too large again.
Part of the problem is that it is impossible even to make the palette smaller. I do not know if it was always the height of my whole screen but it is this size now and can’t be reduced at all.
The problem may also have something to do with moving the inspector palette itself. I will report back if I find out a specific action which can trigger the problem. (It is super-annoying to have to restart MuseScore over and over, I must admit.)

Second edit: if the “OK” button alone disappears below the bottom of the screen one work-around is to press return instead of “OK”. This will work unless something else in the palette goes below the screen which you need access to.

MuseScore (6347ed6) on MacBook Pro 15” Retina display, OS X 10.11.16.

Having this same problem with MuseScore 2.1.0, Revision 871c8e, on a mid-2010 Macbook Pro 13" laptop, running Sierra 10.12.6

As for the request from Marc S. that people "reproduce the steps" leading to the problem, for me the problem does not seem to be going away on restart of MuseScore; and I am loath to delete prefs or do a full reinstall to get back to a state where the colors palette is behaving properly, so that I can see if the problem recurs.

And anyway the only "step I took" was to open the colors palette to change note color. It is discouraging to see no response from developers to an issue that has been reported multiple times.

Also note the problem does not occur in other apps (e.g. Scrivener); only in MuseScore.

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Actually, it is not true there has been no response. If you read through the previous posts, you'll see where someone filed a formal bug report to the issue tracker with a link. And if you follow that link you'll see more discussion, leading to a patch being developed and imementwd for 2.1, thus fixing the problem for the people who were seeing it originally.

If you are now seeing this in 2.1, it suggests it might be a new problem - not the same one here, which dealt with a previous release and has now been fixed. Apparently one other person in also seeing this new problem, as is also reported in the formal bug report. Best would for you to post more info there - #182336: [Mac] Color Picker window gets larger every time it's used.

After you choose the color, press "Enter", and that always works. The 2.1 change did not cure this ancient problem.

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The nightly builds do not "install" in the usual way and will in no way affect your existing installation or your existing scores (assuming of course you don't actually use a nightly build to save over the old copy). They are completely safe to download and test.

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I couldn't see where the nightly builds were marked for which version they represented. So I grabbed the one at the very top, "MuseScoreNightly-2017-12-01-1318-master-be27e94.dmg"; it turned out to be an "unstable prerelease for Version: 3.0.0", revision be27e94. The color palette appears to be normal sized for me; I am running Sierra 10.12.16 and the version of MuseScore I've been having trouble with is 2.1.0, revision 871c8ce.

Don't know if that's any help.

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