[trunk] SVG export only does first few pages

• Nov 18, 2011 - 04:46
S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Open "sonata16" demo score (or any score with four or more pages)
2. File > Export... (and save as SVG)
3. Open SVG file in Inkscape (or Firefox)

Expected behavior: SVG file should show all the pages of the original score

Actual behavior: For the "sonata16" demo score only the first two pages are shown. For the "bach-bc2" demo score only the first four pages are shown.

MuseScore version: r. 5002 nightly trunk

(Operating System: Windows 7)


In case it helps, attached is the svg file I get (zip compressed to bring the file size below the 2 MB attachment limit).

When I open the file in Firefox I notice some odd black marks in the top left corner of the first page. The odd marks do not appear in Inkscape though.

Are there any nightly build users on Windows who can confirm this bug?

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sonata16.zip 365.92 KB

Find attached sonata16 rendered on mac and windows. The SVG files are indeed quite different even from the start.
But starting at page 2 (line 16149), the Windows one has number like -5.31868e+203 resulting in the following mess described by David.

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sontata16macwin.zip 804.86 KB
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