Add support for Jianpu numbered musical notation

• Nov 19, 2016 - 07:50
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Over the years, we accumulated several feature requests for Jianpu. I create this issue as place to follow the potential development of this feature and discuss the requirements.

See (very interesting discussion, with requirement)


(1) Data structures: Existing internal representations of score, notes, etc., for standard notation will be shared by Jianpu notation and additional Jianpu specific data (mostly visual layout information) will be added as necessary. Jianpu notation will be just another form of visual representation and display.
(2) User can link Jianpu notation with standard notation staff, similar to guitar tab notation.
(3) Display options: Standard + Jianpu, Jianpu alone
(4) Playback support: the same as existing playback of standard notation except the need to display Jianpu notation, alongside standard notation, in sync with playback cursor line.
(5) Score entry and editing: User can enter notes and edit them using Jianpu notation and the same changes are automatically reflected in standard notation, and vice versa.

In conventional jianpu, octave dots go directly above or below the number it affects, except for the bottom number in a chord, whose dots go either above the number or below the beam lines. Additional dots are stacked vertically.

This is, however, inconsistent, and requires ample vertical space. A proposed alternative is to place all octave dots above or below the affected number (keeping beam lines outside), and to stack additional dots in rows 2 dots wide.

I have attached a mock-up comparing the conventional way and this proposed way.

jianpu-conventional.png jianpu-proposed.png

I am not sure if there is a subscriber list for interested people (I tried a couple of links but they didnt work) - anyway I am very interested to see such a feature.

Mostly I am interested in the ability to convert "scores" to Jianpu (rather than writing in Jianpu).

Apologies if I have missed it - is there a list of (proposed) features / dates ?

I am subscribing to the Mscore mailing list - so maybe that will answer my questions (not sure of it is MScore generally or Jianpu specific mailing list).

The mailing list is all of MuseScore. As for jianpu, I believe a first implementation is expected to be ready for developer review within the coming month.