Add Numbered musical notation for Chinese instruments

• Aug 3, 2015 - 15:19

the Numbered musical notation is widely used in China. As you have added these instruments, you should add the Numbered musical notation in my opinion


Unfortunately, there is no one in the MuseScore developer community currently who can take on this task. So we are waiting for someone new to arrive who combines knowledge about Jianpu and software development skills.

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I know Jianpu as it is required to know it in schools in China/Hong Kong, but I have a limited knowledge on software development...
so the numbered one is actually just same as solfege
1=do, etc.
If you want, I can tell you about Jianpu and maybe you guys can code it?
E:Some people made Jianpu on Microsoft Word教學%5D+如何用Office…
I will translate it later

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Maybe, an alternative. Could it be possible to develop an plug-in which could print out (or export) the original sheet to Jianpu style.
I have a little knowledge of coding, and a little knowledge about jianpu. But I am new to Musescore. I tried do some source code pre-study about how musecsore print sheet. However, can not get a good cut-in point. Could someone guide me how to do it.


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You can got an idea from the software from If musescore can do jianpu, there will not be many competitors for this market, and it will attract large numbers of Chinese users who use it for typing jianpu with various Chinese traditional musical instruments! It should be a large cake for you if you wish to take it.

There has been another request for JianPu implementation. A simple "jianpu" search on the site, among other mostly irrelevant articles, lists: (2011-08-30), the original request, with some discussion… ( 2013-04-18), an attempt to have JianPu implementation included in GSOC 2013

It is perhaps wise to keep this discussion in a single place, for any future reference?



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Check out the screenshot attached, that's what I've got with the current version MuseScore. I think numbered notation can be implemented with a modified tablature instrument. I will dig deeper and give it a shot, I'm a programmer and multi-instrumentalist.


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xie.oscar, that looks interesting. This illustrates one question I've been having, about how Jianpu should be implemented in MuseScore. Your method has only Jianpu, treating it as the actual staff. This solution seems more elegant in some ways, but possibly harder to program overall.

The other implementation is to keep an original Western-style notation, but add identical Jianpu above the Western style. This could be done as a plugin correct? I've worked on modifying the erhu plugin towards this implementation. Not as elegant, but functional.

For me personally, I prefer the second implementation. The first one would make more work for me since i want both Western and Jianpu on the same sheet.

IMHO, if you wanted just the first method, it's probably just as easy to use a macro in Word with a Jianpu font.

It is not possible to convert any sheet music into the numbered musical notation, since it has a lamer ability of expressing various kinds of flows.

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