Top/bottom gap of vertical frame reset to zero

• Nov 23, 2016 - 15:14
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Win 7 / eb36276

The attached file was created in MS 2.0.3 Although the vertical Frame top gap was set to 2sp and the bottom to 4sp, the gaps have been reset to zero in the nightly, although the nominal values still read 2 and 4 respectively.

A related issue was reported fixed here: #125931: Vertical frame "Bottom gap" doesn't works in Inspector

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The following may be a similar issue (see attached file). If the top and bottom gaps in 2.0.3 are set to the default zero, when reopened in the nightly, the corresponding nominal values are "7" and "3". The values are also greyed out.

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vf_top_bottom_gap_issue.mscz 21.81 KB
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The gap is really a gap: the distance to a previous frame or staff. If the frame is at the top of the page, then there is no previous frame or staff and therefore no gap. The "top margin" is probably what you want, its independent of the frame position.

Title Top/bottom gap of vertical frame reset to default Top/bottom gap of vertical frame reset to zero
Status (old) by design active

The use of the gap property to change the space between the frame and the top/bottom of the page is useful. It allows you to:

1. Move the whole title frame lower down the page.
2. Adjust the overall space between systems on the last page by appending a vertical frame and increasing the bottom gap.