Opening a MIDI file causes crash

• Jan 15, 2012 - 01:26
S2 - Critical


I have just downloaded MuseScore (1.1, 4611) so that I can convert my midi files to manuscript. I am coming out of Reason 6. I am running Windows 7 pro. Every time I have tried to open a midi file, the program automatically closes. I seem to be able to work through the program if i do not try to open a midi file, but that is not what I need. Any ideas? Thanks.


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Most probably midi import bugs will not be fixed in the 1.x series but in the current 2.x developer version. If your midi file cannot be loaded in the current developer build you can help development by providing the midi file.


Thanks for the reply. I am glad to send a file. I am using Reason 6 by Propellorhead and Windows 7 Pro. How do I send it?

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it is not really a fix, but this may work:

try to change the Shortest note on import (to lower, like 1/4 or 1/8).
for me, it worked

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it did not change the problem. The one file will not open at all, and in fact crashes the program, while others load the first note with a wall of notes that includes all notes. I did have one that worked relatively well, though, so there is just something funny in the translation. Thanks again, though.

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As there is no file attached, it's impossible to follow up on this bug. I hope the crash on this specific file will be fixed in next version but can only hope. I close this bug. Reopen if you have a sample file.