Split Volta LIne problem

• Nov 30, 2016 - 11:22
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by design

Win 7

GIT commit: 3c7a69d
I have a Volta of 8 bars which splits across two staff. The line is drawn too close to the staff, simply because it crosses the stems of the notes. So I highlighted the Volta line and used Inspector to set the vertical offset to -4 to give me the room needed.
What happens is that only the second part of the volta line moves, the first part (on a different stave), even though highlighted, stays exactly as it was.
Exactly the same for the 2nd volta line.
Surely the whole volta line should move and NOT just a part.
Work-round is easy, just repeat the exercise pointing at the "bit" that hasn't moved.
Example attached.

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Split_Volta_line_demo.mscz 17 KB


If I select the 1st part of the 1st volta and modify the vertical offset, only that volta moves.
And I'd say this is by design, different staves are likely to need different Offsets.
But if you want both parts to change offset, select one and ctrl+select the other, then change offset. or right-click one, select all similar, and then change offset.
Or change the general offset in the general style dialog