Insert notation mode

• Dec 4, 2016 - 13:46

MuseScore might have Insert notation mode. If insert notation mode is turned on, MuseScore should shift to right all notes residing after inserted one, and vice versa shift to left after deletion of notes. At the moment MuseScore manages notation in overwrite manner only.


There is work in progress in the current development version. Currently the dev version has a local insert/delete mode, meaning the current measure will grow/shrink depending of what you add/remove. There is also a global insert mode in the work. It will shift all the music when you delete/add something. That will be fun with nested tuplet, time signature/key signature changes, and instrument changes with transposition :)

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TBH it's what I would prefer to be the default insert mode if it worked reliably, but obviously needs a bit more work. I've actually done the work to enable it in v4 (wasn't that much), but will probably need to reverse that unless it's decided it's important enough to do properly.

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