Pasted notes do not playback (regression)

• Apr 5, 2009 - 02:09
S2 - Critical
  1. Create new score for flute
  2. Add a few notes to the first measure
  3. Select and copy the first measure
  4. Select second measure and paste
  5. Click on an empty part of the page to deselect the second measure (notice the notes are red which normally indicates that they are out of the playable range)
  6. Press play

Expected behavior: All notes playback

Actual behavior: Pasted notes are silent during playback


I have just copied and pasted a score for flute and guitar in order to tidy up the title, etc.
Voltas, and repeat bar lines didn't copy successfully, so I added them manually.
But the play back jumped around skipping some sections, and was generally unpredictable.

Please, what have I done wrong?