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• Dec 31, 2016 - 16:17


Is it possible to tune MS to A444, instead of A440? Or some other tuning for A?



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Not sure what distinction you are making between "when I use the synth" and "anything I score". If you play back in MsueScore, you *are* using the synth. If you are not playing back using MuseScore but via some other means (eg, Jack, or exporting MIDI and then loading into DAW software), then it is that other program / device you need to change the tuning of. if you aren't playing back at all, the question is moot (if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it matter if you tune it to 440 or 444?)

Is the "tree in the forsdt" going to be on the test? Well, let me read up on that page. At least I know where to look for the info now.

I think I already know the answer to this. I just received a score to engrave and the composer has a group of solo strings which are to be tuned to A 434. The remainder of the orchestra is at 440. I suspect there's no way to do this within Musescore and I'll have export it into my Daw if I want to hear it. This is strictly an engraving gig. I'm not required to provide anything beyond paper and a review mp3 so no biggie. They'll just have to imagine it out of tune.

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There are several plugins that allow you to retune scores. I would find one that will allow you to tune the instruments down 6 Hz (you'll probably have to do the math to find out how many cents that is). Put the strings into a score with the notes retuned and empty staves for the rest of the orchestra. You can then enter the rest of the orchestra without changing the tuning and they will remain at 440Hz.

Perhaps https://musescore.org/en/project/tuning-cents-musescore-v-3x would be what you want but there are many others that might work.

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Well that is a pleasant surprise. Thanks Mike. The math is no problem but I'm not following your instructions exactly. Will I be able to tune each stave? When you say put the strings into a score with the notes retuned do you mean create a score that's retuned and then add more staves later? The added staves won't be retuned? It sounds like you may be talking about MIDI entry? If you can just elaborate on the direction "put the strings into a score with the notes retuned" this old and slow guy may be able to follow.

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The plugin will only retune existing notes so anything you add after you run the plugin will have default tuning. You of course have the option of which order to do it in though using 440 as the default and retuning to 434 will make it easier in the long run I think.

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It's quite simple except for the not working part! I'm pretty sure I followed the selfsame instructions but I'll double check. One of the problems I seem to be having is a discrepancy between the folder indicated in the preferences and the folder indicated in the plug in manager. I'll have another go at it to see if I missed any steps.

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The folder should be Documents/MuseScore3/Plugins. Do *not use the one within your program installation, that's for pre-installed plugins and may be wiped out on updates.

If you are placing your plugin in that folder and following the instructions, all should work fine. If you continue to have trouble, please say at exactly which step of the instructions something seems to be going wrong - what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

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