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• Jan 1, 2017 - 05:37

Hello! Welcome to 2017! Happy New Year everyone!

Now, I am recreating Gaspard de la Nuit in 3 separate documents. I am trying to force two measures onto one line, and it looks like both measures are capable of doing that (see first image). Unfortunately, when I do put the line break on the second measure, the measures are on their own lines instead of the same one (see second image).

Is there a way I can force both measures onto the same line? I know this is possible since the second measure in the first image looks compact enough to fit the other measure before it.


Not Ton

ondine before problem.png (first image)
ondine with problem.png (second)

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You can sometimes force-shrink measures such as this without altering the scale of the whole score but there will always be a limit to how many notes you can get on one line.

First try a simple Decrease Stretch of course but if that doesn't work then select your notes and go to Inspector and reduce the value for Trailing Space to -0.10 and then try a Decrease Stretch again. You might need to reduce the value to -0.20 and maybe reduce the value of Leading Space to -0.10 in addition but beyond that you are in trouble as the notes simply get too close together to look acceptable.

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I would not recommend messing with the leading/trailing space settings for something simple like this - those are more esoteric corner case controls. If the goal is to fit more notes on a line, there are basically four variables (for a given page & margin size - so I guess that is two more):

1) the overall staff size set in Layout / Page Settings / Staff space
2) the music spacing setting Style / General / Measure / Spacing
3) the "stretch" factor applied to the above via the Layout / Decrease Stretch or shortcut "{"
4) the minimum note distance set in Style / General / Measure / Minimum note distance

Chances are in this case it is #4 that is preventing this from working given your current staff size, if you are finding that decreasing stretch won't make them fit. So I'd try that next. If that still doesn't work, then the notes must literally not fit even if they touch, and the only choice is to reduce staff size.

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