faulty note values when step-inputting tuplets

• Jan 6, 2017 - 18:31
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This also happens sometimes with other tuplets, but here is a reproducable example.
When in attached score (created with commit b2e10c7) I try to enter the last missing tuplet with step-input, like you see in the screenshot, instead of adding a semiquaver, this weird 'multivalue' results.

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Status active needs info
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I didn't get what is step-input, so I couldn't reproduce with any input options I know on Windows 10, MuseScoreNightly-2018-04-06-2019-master-8bb019c

I don't mean to be rude @Anatoly-os, but can I ask what your plan is? If your whole point is to reproduce the issue on Windows and you are not a developer, trying to actually address the problem - which I doubt since you aren't even familiar with what step-input even is ;) - I wonder if I should invest my time in rebuilding the software from git now and create a new score once more to show the issue I have already demonstrated and that apparently hasn't been addressed in more than a year.
Maybe one of the devs would like to try to reproduce - or not - the issue?

Status (old) needs info fixed
Status needs info fixed

a) @Anatoly-os is a developer, even a full-time core team member
b) the issue as described here in the first message is not reproducible in a current build from master (here on Windows 7)
c) loads of tuplet related issues have been fixed in the past year
d) you don't need to rebuild yourself, just grab a development build

Thank you, Jojo. My goal is to revise and actualise the issue tracker to prepare 3.0 in time in cooperation with core team developers and the community.

Regarding this issue, I couldn't reproduce it, so I'm asking the TS to do it to make sure that I understand the issue correctly and it has been fixed. You don't need to build the code, you can download the latest nightly and reproduce the scenario there.

FYI, I prefer using short GIFs to demonstrate the issue along with the scenario. It allows people to clearly understand the scenario step-by-step.

Animated GIFs, I guess or video clips.
I was wondering earlier; what it TS? Ticker Submitter? Tracker Starter?
So far I've come across OP, for Original Poster

Ok. So I built latest git snapshot and imported the original score I had attached to this bug report.
The missing tuplet can now be added normally, so appears to be fixed.
Thank you.