[MusicXML] Import and export of tablature

• Mar 30, 2012 - 09:06
S5 - Suggestion

Not sure if this one is an XML limitation.

1. Open attached file

Result 2nd part written in Tablature in Finale 2003 is displayed as standard notation in Treble Clef.

MuseScore 2.0 r-5498/Windows XP Pro SP3

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I know, is on my list of things to do (just like figured bass and many others), but thanks for reminding. Either just be patient and wait until I manage to get it done, or find another volunteer. Please note that my time is limited.

As of revision 5549, export works for the simple case of only a TAB staff (linked staff not implemented yet). Any feedback is appreciated, especially bug reports / results of compatibility tests.

As of revision 5564, import works for the simple case of only a TAB staff. Note that currently a guitar in standard tuning is assumed. Importing/exporting staff details still to be done.

One more remark: the attached file is not in tablature format (it uses the G clef for both staves, no string or fret information is present.

The original issue is not a MuseScore but a Finale export issue: the attached file does not contain any tablature information. Furthermore, MusicXML tablature import/export has been implemented in MuseScore quite some time ago, so I feel this issue should be closed.