Bar line doubles on deletion

• May 11, 2012 - 13:15
S4 - Minor

I can't remember exactly how I ended up with this situation, but here is roughly what happened:
Between bars 8 and 9 of my piece for piano and baritone, I added a bass clef and a time signature. When I looked at it later, it turned out that the bar line of the piano (which I hadn't touched) between these bars appeared to be a double bar line: Fragments of a broken Mirror - Als ich ein Vogel war-1.png
I thought that this might be a mistake on my side and tried to delete it. But this didn't work: Instead, if I press on delete, it doubles even further: Fragments of a broken Mirror - Als ich ein Vogel war-2.png
It is probably possible to repeat this process infinitely. Very strange bug.


The problem is found in line 1017:
If one removes this line, everything looks perfect.
The bug seems to be that under some circumstances, MuseScore adds a "tick" tag to a "Clef" tag inside a "Measure" tag. This shouldn't happen. I believe there should only be a "tick" attribute for "Clef" tags inside a "cleflist" tag at the beginning of the file.

Maybe it's a good idea to add a debug assertion to the devel version that makes sure that "Clef" tags don't get "tick" tags inside measures?

(Anyway, I find it inconsistent that clefs are being declared at different parts of the XML file...)

I just realised, I think I had the same problem once! At the time, I may have been using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (5326 - possibly) - Mac 10.6.8.

I think I was applying 'Delete Select Measures' and suddenly, a double bar line appeared on some (not all) instruments. I was struggling to reproduce, but I'm glad I'm not alone and it can hopefully be fixed.

See attached score and PDF - the latter created using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (5626) - Mac 10.7.4.

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But thanks, Jojo, anyway!

Chen Lung, I'm using 1.2 on ArchLinux, revision 5470. Can you upload your problematic file uncompressed? I would like to have a look at it.

Status (old) active closed

Since the bug is about 1.2, we should probably close this.

If you manage to reproduce the problem in a new score, please make another issue.

Thanks :)!