Only play the first note in each measure

• May 18, 2012 - 03:44
S5 - Suggestion

I'd like to have the following feature.

Only play the first note in each measure.
If the measure starts with a rest, it'll still play whatever is the first playable note in that measure when it gets to that note.

This would be great for Solfege or ear training (i.e. play the first note in the measure, sightsing the other notes in that measure, repeat the process for the next measure).


You are getting close if you select the first note in first measure (and so hear it), sing the measure and then press Ctrl + right arrow to move and hear the first note of the next measure. It doesn't work for measure beginning by a rest.

This could be done pretty easily via a plugin that went through and set velocity to zero for all but the first note of every measure. And this seems the sort of "special" case that is probably best done as a plug-in as opposed to making it core functionality.