MuseScore 1.2 crash

• May 21, 2012 - 11:34
S4 - Minor

I am very frustrated by being unable to open MuseScore. I think there is a corrupted file somewhere that is upsetting MuseScore, but I cannot find it.
The crash is immediately MuseScore opens. The splash screen appears, MuseScore reports that the previous session did not close properly, and regardless of whether I choose to reopen the session or not, MuseScore crashes.
Where is the file held on Mac OS X (10.7.4)? I have tried reinstalling MuseScore, but it doesn't help. This is a bug in itself; when MuseScore is deleted it should clear up after itself. I can imagine a diffulty in doing this, however, as I have separate users on my computer for different tasks that do not have admin privileges.
I have attached the crash log in case it is of use to someone.

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Excellent, thank you. The factory reset didn't fix it, but deleting the two sub-folders in ~./config did it.

There might have been confusion because I've had a nightly build installed. There were two sub-folders, one for

and the other for

I couldn't see what was wrong in the MuseScore.ini files. Must have been something subtle. I've attached them in case it is of interest to any bug hunters.

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Since this appears to be resolved, I close this.

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