Never ending stems

• Feb 4, 2017 - 03:42
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S4 - Minor

I was entering this piece of music when I decided it was time for a save. After the save the stems in the oboe in measures 62 & 63 that are connected by a beam became infinite. See attached score. This was made with 2.0.1-dev 75b66fd

I have not yet tested what can be done to fix it, I wanted to post the score before I altered it.


After further testing I determined MS thinks I adjusted the beam manually. When I bring up the inspector it has User Position checked and 0 for both offsets. The stem direction is set to auto for all three stems, which would be up since they are in voice 1 and visible rests are in voice 2. As you can see, the stems are pointing down. I believe I lowered the beam to look more like the ones in the few measures before to make it look more uniform, but I did not flip any stems.

In testing, I unchecked the user position and the numbers stay at 0 and the beam return to its normal adjusted position. No matter what adjustments I make to either side of the beam, the user position numbers do not change, unlike the other beams I adjusted.

I deleted the 3 offending notes and entered them from scratch. I saved the score and the same thing happened again. I unchecked user position and saved it. After that, the beam would not move, but the numbers for the position changed to where the beam should have moved when I adjusted it. I think unchecking user position, moving the controls and unchecking it again and saving the score finally fixed the beam problem. Needless to say it's annoying.

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We've seen this happen before occasionally and fixed a few bugs relating to it. I can see the problem with this score but I can't reproduce it - that is, if I reset the beam on those notes save and reload, it stays reset. Can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem?

How did it start in the first place? I'm not sure. It just did. I'm not even sure of the previous measure I saved at.

To see the problem now using the file I uploaded:

Select the E (first note)
in inspector click beam
uncheck user position
double click beam
drag the right beam up and/or down (the beam moves, but the offsets do not change but user position becomes checked)
Save the file - the beam returns to infinity.

It still doesn't fail for me, not sure why, but I can see something that is probably relevant: in Page view, this beam ends up splitting systems. That is, 61 is on one system, 62 the next. This is knwon not to work. Probably what you are seeing here is a side effect of that.