MIDI Tempo

• Jun 3, 2012 - 19:14
S4 - Minor

I created a score (6/8 time) and attached a tempo of 60 BPM then saved as MIDI.
I then changed the tempo to 120 BPM and saved as MIDI again.
It looks as if the tempo in the MIDI file is not correct, as the tempo of teh 120 BPM score was not twice the tempo of the 60 BPM score.


What version of MuseScore? What OS? Do you have the tempo scaling factor in your Play Panel set to something other than 100%? Can you attach a score that demonstrates the problem, and exact steps to reproduce?

Nightly 5659 on Windows Vista (32-bit)
I did not open the Play Panel, so no scaling factor.

Looking at the bytes produced, it seems that one score is set to a tempo of 1.28 X the other.

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