Tie into second volta

• May 8, 2009 - 09:47

Hi all,

Sorry for opening so many topics. I considered using one topic for all questions, but I was afraid that would make it harder to keep track.

Suppose the last measure before the first volta ends with a quarter C, the first measure of the first volta starts with a quarter C, and they are tied together. This of course implies that the second volta also has to start with a C (albeit not necessarily a quarter) that is tied to the preceding C. I am unable to figure out how to enter this into the score.

(Note - I found that if I replace the first note of the second volta with a rest, it plays back correctly; however this does look funny in the score and I'm not sure how to handle the situation where the tie into the second volta needs to last longer or shorter than in the first volta)


You are correct that MuseScore does not support a tie into the second volta. You can get the correct visual result by adding a slur at the beginning of the second volta and adjusting it manually till it looks right.

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