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• Jun 13, 2012 - 15:42

I have a score with one verse line of lyrics. I'd like to move all the lyrics lines down from the staff just a bit -- maybe by 1/4" in the printed score. I want to do this globally (moving each whole straight line of lyrics together) , not by dragging down each lyric, since I can't keep the resulting lyrics perfectly aligned. Is there a way to do this? I know there is a lyrics box in edit text style, but it doesn't seem to be documented and changing the options in it doesn't seem to make any difference in my score.


BTW, while this covers this particular case well, it's likely you will encounter other situations where you want to move all lyrics (or some other element type) in a way that can't be handled with a style adjustment. So you should also know that you can right click any single lyric (or any other element type), Select->All Similar Elements, then ctrl-drag to drag them all together.

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To be clear - the lyrics aren't "too high" on that line; they are the same height they are everywhere else. It's just that the notes go lower, so the lyrics need to go lower too. So indeed, what I guessed before is what you want - right click, Select / More / Same system, then move with Inspector.

BTW, in the futre, it usually helps to post the actual score not just a picture of it. But in this case, it was clear enough just from the picture. that isn't always the case, though.

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That advice was from six years ago with a very different version of MuseScore. But it does still work, if you get the trick of releasing Ctrl after starting the drag - otherwise the Ctrl key functions to constrain the drag to one direction only. But anyhow, we didn't have the Inspector then, and that's definitely the better method today.

I am having problems with this in Musescore 3.0.2 that I didn't used to have. When "Automatic Placement" is checked, I can move lyrics horizontally but not vertically (they will snap back as soon as I try to place them). When "Automatic Placement" is unchecked, I can move the lyrics vertically, but the horizontal spacing of the lyrics is immediately ruined (since this is determined by "Automatic Placement"). It would be great to be able to adjust vertical offset of lyrics even while "Automatic Placement" is checked.

BTW I am aware of the ability to place lyrics either above or below the staff, and I love this feature, but in this particular score I need lyrics both above and below in different sections, and this property seems to only apply universally, and can't be changed for particular sections of lyrics.

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