Lyrics can not be be placed above/below staff individally, only the whole verse

• Jan 24, 2019 - 10:55
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In a staff with voices and lyrica it is sometimes needed to put a part of the lyrics above staff, while keeping other parts below.
In 2.x this was possible by chaning the offset or those syllables needed above staff to some larger negative value.
In 3.0 the 'above' setting though applies to all syllables in that verse.
Workaround is to use 2 verses, one above and one below.


My sense this is actually in part by design since part of the function of autoplace is to align the verse on the system. But then, disabling autoplace should allow this to work, and it doesn't.

Why should I first disable autoplacement? If I select the word(s) and drag them to the position required (like I did in version 2.3.2) the autoplacement coiuld be swithched off for those objects automatically. A way to switch on autoplacement again would be very desirable.

In my case to do this automatically would require someting like:
IF (no voice 2 lyrics) THEN put lyrics voice 1 below, ELSE above.

The 'advertisement' states objects are automatically positioned as to not overlap does not work in this case..

This issue isn't about dragging, it's about the new above/below placement that avoids the need for all that manual dragging (just click something, press "X" to flip it from below to above or vice versa). The reason you would need to disable autoplace is because the default layout is to have all lyrics on a system vertically aligned, but the bug here is that even disabling autoplace doesn't do this.

As for dragging, that's a bad way to move things - slow and imprecise - but if you do choose to use it to move things from below to above the staff, you would definitely need to disable autoplace because otherwise it will do its job and prevent a collision with the staff lines, thus preventing you from dragging above the staff. And it's by design that the mere fact of making manual adjustment doesn't force you to give up the benefits of autoplacement - that would be disastrous. If you want to manually adjust something and allow collisions, then you need to disable autoplace manually via the Inspector (which is also how you can re-enable it again).

But again, dragging above the staff is no longer necessary or appropriate.

FWIW, an algorithm to automatically place voice 1 lyrics above the staff if multiple voices exist could be interesting, but this would have be optional, because there are plenty of places you wouldn't want that.

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I realise it is difficult to accomodate everyone.
And, yes I agree, the automated optional placement of 2 voices is a nice to have.

The original problem I reported was that the 1 & 2 voice lyrics were on top of each other and that shoud never happen (this is a colision, right?).

The original problem here is about what happens when you a single lyrics above the staff. The issue is that other syllables move as well, and this has nothing to do with collisions. Sounds like you are now wishing to report a different new problen involving a specific case where a collision exists? If so, please open a new issue and include a sample score and steps to reproduce.

Marc, sorry about that. In the forum my question had a comment refrring to this issue. I didn't realize they were in fact 2 different issues.
I opened issue #283693 for the problem.

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