Note entry does not stay in screen view

• May 14, 2009 - 22:48
S4 - Minor

When entering notes near end of a long page, MuseScore automatically starts a new page, throws the active measure atop new page, but leaves user focused on bottom of previous page creating a brief moment of existential angst.

Methinks focus should follow what user is inputting.



It really is too jumpy. I added a Ctrl-T shortcut to easily insert Staff Text and when I am working near a page break, the page jumps all over the place which seems unnecessary (in addition to losing my focus).

Perhaps you could leave page breaks alone until user requests Save and expects to see a possible redraw. Or if this is already an option that I missed, make it the default (for newbies).

I have experienced similar things but have not yet been prepared to broach it.
Your insight into the fact that the freeze is at the last of a page is helpful to my understanding.
I have mentioned the "jumpy screen" before but I'm glad to have your description, mine was in passing..