Remember "Save As" format choice

• May 16, 2009 - 21:57
S5 - Suggestion

Please save user's choice of output format (i.e., .mscz, .mscx, .xml, .pdf, etc.) in the same way that last folder location is remembered when user runs Save As. Users who save frequently (for whatever reason) to a format other than default .mscz will love you for it.



I don't think it is a good idea to make it so easy to accidentally save to lossy formats such as MusicXML, PDF, LilyPond, etc. I do not see this behavior in other applications such as Microsoft Word, Inkscape, Finale

I would strongly prefer to revert this change.

Status (old) closed postponed

Its not really closed. The implementation is in conflict with "Save as uses non-native dialog in Windows". Using native diaglogs this function is not reliable possible. There are other problems with the current implementation. I think i misused the user selectable "filter" in the dialog to decide, what format the user wants to save in. This user selected filter is not given back to the program in all circumstances. It works only reliable if you type in the file extension in addition to the file name.
A working solution would be to insert another menu level between "Save As" and the dialog to select the output format.