Cursor presentation confusing

• May 19, 2009 - 19:24
S5 - Suggestion

Per David Bolton's bug report, I want to jot down a feature request before I forget.

I love the keyboard interface to MuseScore but find its cursor usage, as I alternate between Nothing, Note, and Edit modes, confusing. To avoid confusion, I find myself frequently hitting Escape (also annoying as it requires my eyes and fingers to go find the Escape key) and using arrow keys and mouse clicks to highlight the note(s) I wish to change. Then I Know What My Next Letter Press Will Affect.

In Note mode, the keypress sometimes affects note before cursor, sometimes after cursor, Dot doesn't work, I really am not sure what it is doing and only use it for a straight sequence in short passages or as a means to begin entering Voice 2 without reaching for the mouse (i.e., 'N', 'Ctrl-I', 'Ctrl-2').

You guys may have already had long discussions on this but I haven't time to read just now so there is my $0.02.



The issue tracker is basically a fancy To Do list.

The discussion above is a mixture of possible bugs, possible "by design", and parts that need more investigation. This makes it difficult to cross off the list when it is done because parts of it might be done at different times. If you have to rely on memory or keep rereading the bug report until each part of it is addressed then this is not the best use of the bug tracking software and the features it has.

I am marking this as "closed" not because there aren't possible issues in MuseScore but because there are too many things addressed in one report. This type of discussion would lend itself better to one of the forums which is less task-oriented and doesn't have these types of restrictions.

Feel free to copy and paste your remarks here to one of the forums and I would be happy to work through this post point-by-point and eventually add some things back in the issue tracker if necessary.