Changing Measure Numbers

• Mar 11, 2017 - 14:52

I read the instructions:
MuseScore automatically numbers the first measure of each System (except for the first system, actually except for a measure with the number 1), but more numbering options are possible. From the main menu, choose Style → General..., in the left pane, choose the "Header, Footer, Numbers" tab. At the bottom of the right pane is the "Measure Numbers" ("Bar Numbers") section.

Mark the checkbox next to the "Measure Numbers" ("Bar Numbers") to turn on automatic measure numbers.

Mark "Show first" if you want the first measure numbered.

BUT - The box "Show First" gets whited out if you uncheck "Measure Numbers"
I want to re-assign the first partial measure as measure 1.

Thanks for any suggestions. (Musescore 2.0.3)



I don't quite understand. If you turn off measure numbrs (which is what happens if you uncheck "Measure Numbers"), then of course "Show First" gets greyed out. If you aren't showing measure numbers at all, then toggling the "Show first" option would have no effect.

I also don't quite understand what you mean about reassigning the first partial measure. It is measure 1 by default. If you wish to change it to something *other* than 1 (commonly pickup measures are numbered 0), use Measure Properties. You can also force measure numbers to either display or not for any given measure - independent of the style settings - using the controls in the Measure Properties dialog.

If that doesn't help, please attach the score you are having trouble with and describe in more detail what problem you are trying to solve, and we can provide more specific instructions.

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Hi Marc,
I was trying to follow directions given to someone else. I'll try 'measure properties' but where is it?

"Partial measure" meant that I had assigned the first measure as a pickup measure then decided to assign that as m.1 due to music others have.

Thank you for your prompt response !

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Measure Properties is in the right click menu (right click any measure). So yes, if it is currently measure 0 but you want it to be 1, you can change that in Measure Prooerties. Specifically, you'll want to uncheck the "Exclude from measure count" option.

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I too need to number my bar not as in the score. Here's why. I have an initial section that is in free form but have to allow MuseScore 3 to think it is in common time (when I try to put it all into a single bar, there is no wrap around to the next line and so it runs off the page). My workaround is to just ignore the bar lines until the first double bar and time signature. So I want the whole free form to be Bar 1, and the next section with the time signature to start with Bar 2. So I right clicked on my first time-signatured bar and clicked on "measure properties", and at the bottom added -13 to the "Add to measure property". This set it the way I want it!
If you know of a way to set a section as free form without the notes running off the staff when one runs out of room, please let me know!

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It would be easier to assist if you attached your score, but the join & split commands in Tools / Measure are how you would normally do this - just combine what you want combined on the first line, then the same for the second, etc. Then you ony have one big measure per line. Set each to "exclude from measure numbering" and then you won't need to count measures and subtract later.

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