Templates and/or Style Sheets

• Mar 21, 2017 - 19:14

Win7 Pro MS 2.0.3 3c7a69d

I have just modified an existing Template and saved it in the same directory as my other templates (different name) BUT when I create a new score the new template doesn't show in "Custom Template" Section even though it is listed by Windows File explorer with all my other templates.
What am I missing?


In reply to by Isaac Weiss

I keep my templates in a named directory (C:/Choir/Templates) which is referenced in list of folders named in the "Preferences" in MuseScore. It just contains the 4 templates I use most often.
I keep them there just so everything I do is in the same root directory (c:\choir) and back-up is simpler.
All the files (inc the new one) are .mscz files and all (except the new one) listed in the "Custom Templates" Section.
So what's different with the new one I ask myself and I don't know.

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