Copyright Notice Lost in Parts (v2.0)

• Oct 9, 2012 - 11:08
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S4 - Minor

Linked parts in v2.0 do not include copyright notice at the bottom. Also there does not seem to be a way to add them back as Copyright has been removed from the list of Text items.
Steps to Reproduce:
1) Create a new score with at least 2 instruments. Be sure to include a copyright notice during score setup.
2) Create parts for the instruemtns in the score.
3) View the parts and notice that the copyright notice is missing from the bottom of the page.
I have attached a sample score showing the problem. This score was create directly in v2.0.

Revision: eec493e
Running on Ubuntu 12.04

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Looks like a bug if it's not maintained in parts by default, but handling of copyright has changed - instead of being a separate element, it's one of many things that can be placed in the document footer. So that's where you'd add or change it. The footer itself is defined as part of the general style, the text of the copyright message used in the footer is defined in file/info. Not sure why this info is inherited for parts.

Something else ost in all this is that jandy facility to replace (c) with the copyright symbol. Would be great to have an easy way to enter than the score creation wizard as well as in file/info.

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Bumping this issue because I don't think it's been fully resolved. If I want to add information to the score properties of my main score (for instance, add a workTitle) and then reference this property in each individual part via the footer, there is no way to do this in the parts since as the original poster pointed out, the list of text items in the Score Properties for the parts is very limited.

The workaround proposed was to add information to the footer style and then, I'm assuming, change the style for the parts only. But like I pointed out above, what if the footer references a property in the Score Properties? Is there a reason for the Score Properties dialog in the parts to have so few properties?

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All meta tags from the score are available in the parts too, even if the dialog doesn't show them (it only shows the additional items, only partName by default).
The list the tooltip shows when hovering abobe the header/footer fields in the style dialog show exactly which tags are available

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Why don't the parts automatically inherit most or all of the score properties from the original score? It's a real pain with a score that has a lot of parts to manually add a property, for instance workTitle, to every single part because it wasn't inherited from the main score.

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They do inherit all the parent scores properties. The dialog just doesn't show them for parts, it only shows the additional ones, like partName

Having the score ones visible (and read-only) might be a valid feature request