Repeat Barlines won't work

• Nov 22, 2012 - 14:12

The start repeat barline won't work- I've made sure the repeat button at the top is clicked but the program won't register and even when I save and close, the start repeat barline is not there the next day D: Please Help


It usually helps if you can post the score you having problems with and provide steps to reproduce the issue.

But also, could you describe your problem more? Are you trying to add a repeating sign to your score? Are you trying to do so using the playback controls at the top of the screen? That's not how you do it. See the Barlines palette at left.

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Did you see my previous reply? Are you perhaps still trying to use the playback icon on the top toolbar to insert a repeat sign into the score? That's not how it works - that icon is just a toggle button to control whether playbacks play back or not. To add a repeat sign to your score, click a bar line, then double click the desired sign in the Barlines palette at left of the screen. Or drag it over - but you have to release it directly over the measure itself, and make sure the measure is highlighted.

EDIT: or maybe you are using the wrong sign? Should be the one with the two dots facing to the right.

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It's not clear wht measure you want it attached to. But also, could you be mire specific about what you mean when say it is not registering? D you mean you clicking the barline you wush to turn into a repeat, double clicking the repeat sign, and nothing happens? Or that it appears but won't playback - the closing repeat jumps back to the beginnng? Or that it appears and works correctly but disappears when you reload? Or tht haven't tried double clicking but are attempting to do it by dragging? If you are trying to drag, the problem is almost certainly that you are not releasing while the measure is highlighted - you have to hover the mouse over the measure itself, not the barlone, and wait for it to highlight.

I have seen this in v1.2 in a score I made. I solved it by removing the Voltas, saving the file, adding the repeats (and confirming that they work) and then adding the voltas back in again. Don't know why it happened but looks like it was linked to the voltas.

I can't get repeat barlines to work with the attached score which starts with a 2/4 pickup measure and calls for a repeat halfway through bar 4. The Measure Properties repeat count selector for this bar is greyed out, and the repeat selector button is not available during playback. Is it possible to put a repeat in the middle of a measure?

Incidentally, sometimes the repeat barline at the start of the pickup measure is not being saved so I've also attached a PDF file as a check.

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