Grace notes lose slurs when scores joined using the album function

• Apr 24, 2017 - 21:37
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Hi there,
I've recently been working on a full orchestral score - I've been working on the 4 movements separately, then using the album feature to join the extracted parts rather than joining it all up to extract the parts as when I've done this in the past, everything has slowed to a crawl. The score includes a lot of grace notes, and I've just noticed that the slurs from the grace notes are getting lost in the joined parts. The first section retains them, but the subsequent parts don't have them. I've attached a small score made by joining the same score 3 times to show the problem.

GIT commit: 3c7a69d

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No, it's not precisely like that - it's not a copy paste issue, but an issue when scores are joined in the album manager.

I've attached the score I used as a base.

Exactly what I did was this: Click on File - album - new - add score

I added this same score 3 times, then clicked on Join Scores.

As you can see, the first line retains the grace note slurs, but they are missing from the second 2 lines. The normal slurs are as they should be. Although I used the same score 3 times for this illustration, I am getting the issue when I join different scores.

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Can confirm and just for completion.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached files
2. File->Album...
3. Add these Scores, press "Join scores" and save the album with a new file name
4. Open this file

expected result: slurs between note and grace note before will appear in all staffs/systems
actual result: slurs appears only in the first staff/system

OS: OpenSuse Leap
MuseScore fecf0a7

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