Tenor drum soundfont not working.

• May 3, 2017 - 00:16

On the tenor drum soundfont, all of the drum four and spock sounds are mute.


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It's always best to attach your score when asking for help, so we can see exactly what might be going wrong rather than guessing. But do make sure you are using the latest version of MuseScore (2.1), and do be sure not to use any obsolete third-party party soundfonts like the old drumline soundfont that was designed for use with MuseScore 1.x. Use the default soundfont in 2.1.

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Thank you for the reminder.
I first found out the problem with the fourth drum and spock problem was from uploading a score and using the website play the score. Then, after updating to the newer version, even the program does not play the sound. Before the recent update, I have been using Musescore 2, and it works fine.
I attached the file version below.
And here is the uploaded version if it helps:

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It seems this is due to a change in the default SoundFont: https://github.com/musescore/musescore/commit/b75cc042#diff-6c7ffca8faf… Should be fixable: right-click the staff, Staff Properties..., use the "Change Instrument" button to select "Tenor Drums" again. Then possibly select all notes on the staff and press the up or down arrow key once. Let me know if this works; if so, I'll add mention of it the "Known compatibility issues" section of the release notes for 2.1.

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Ah, darn it. I see now. The SoundFont was changed, but the instrument definition wasn't—so not only will existing scores fail to play back, even in brand new scores created with 2.1 the tenors won't play back!

ChurchOrganist (the SoundFont maintainer) provided a new drumset definition when he redid the tenors, but did not make it the default included in the package. I'm attaching it below.

What you need to do is download this DRM file and save it to ~/Documents/MuseScore2/Styles, then right-click the tenor drum staff, choose "Edit Drumset...", click "Load...", and load the new drumset definition. That will fix it (again, moving the notes up/down once with the arrow keys may be necessary). You'll need to do the same thing for every score you have, as well as every new score you create. We could fix this in a new release, but I'm not sure if this is a big enough issue to warrant a 2.1.1 (or so soon.

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Thanks for the new Tenor drum drm file. It fixes the missing audio. However, the buzz rolls still sound very mechanical, like a machine gun, especially when it is compared to the original FluidR3mono samples played through the sound font editor "Polyphony", which sound quite naturally. Why would that be?

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I think I figured it out. The new version of FluidR3mono, released in April, doesn't have the buzz drop samples anymore for the tenor drum. I wonder why they were removed? To make room for the the new, not so pleasant to my ears, multi-roll samples?

If I choose to use the older FluidR3mono, will I have to use the correlating older instrument.xml as well?


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I still don't understand fully what is happening, but my impression is that samples weren't removed, they were just moved to different pitches for whatever reason, and the corresponding changes to instruments.xml did not make it in.

So I *think* merely reverting the soundfont will work for now, but I don't know that for a fact.

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Not sure what you are asking exactly; nothing being discussed here is particularly OS-specific. If you've followed the discussion and understand the suggested workarounds in terms of installing a different version of the soundfont, DRM files, or instruments.xml, then the exact same solutions apply to Mac as any other system.

I actually found another solution and that was just to re install the old soundfont. It worked, and my musescore is still updated. So win win. I honestly liked the old soundfont, and prefer it anyway, so thanks for the fix, but I'll just use the old soundfont until they come up with a better one in a future update.

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UPDATE: well never mind that, because every time i open muse score the tenor drums reset to not working. i have to re view the synthesizer for 15 minutes just to get them to work. if there is no permanent fix to this tenor drum issue, then send me the link to download 2.0, because i'm downgrading my muse score. I cannot handle the tenor drums not working, and there is no good sub for them. If there is a permanent fix that dosent require me to reset them every time i open the program Please, please tell me. I cannot handle the tenor drums not working any longer.

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If you saw the attachment sent earlier in the thread, right click and use save link as. Then when the file explorer window comes up, type in .drm at the end of the file name that you are trying to save. Save the file to Documents>Musescore2>Styles. Then open musescore, click on one of the tenor drum staffs, click "Edit Drumset", click "Load" in the bottom right, and choose the file you saved earlier. Click Apply, then click OK. You should be all set.

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