make freebsd

• Jul 3, 2009 - 18:41
S4 - Minor

I am trying to build the source code on FreeBSD 7.1. When I type 'make', I get the following error:
"Makefile", line 137, need an operator
Line 137 is at the very end of the file, after all the code is finished. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Which source do you use? the 0.9.4 tarball or the current trunk ?
Google says it's a common error when the makefile contains space instead of tabs... Maybe your make version is more sensitive than the (K)unbuntu one?

The musescore source version is the 0.9.4 tarball, how do I tell if make is sensitive to spaces or tabs? If I use the GNU gmake I get farther, but then I get the error: CMake Error at CMakelists.txt:142 (message): Fatal error: ALSA >= 1.0.0 required
--- configuring incomplete, errors occured!
... (more errors)...

ALSA 1.0.14 (I think, but in any case > 1.0.0) is installed, however but in a Linux compatibility directory, so probably not where Musescore expects to find it. I don't see where the paths to the ALSA libraries are set in the makefile or the CMakelists.txt, though.

Any help is greatly appreciated, as always,


It may be simple to compile the current trunk.
Regarding Alsa, cmake is searching it with pkgconfig. So make sure you have it.
You need cmake > 2.6 btw.

I have both ALSA and pkgconfig, but when I type 'pkgconfig' from the command line, nothing happens. 'pkg-config' does something, but 'pkg-config linux-alsa-lib' doesn't find alsa, which it should. Is there a way to make pkg-config see the alsa libraries?