Changing some properties of system text shows a weird behaviour in github-musescore-musescore-78d4ebe

• May 11, 2017 - 07:37
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I have a score with system text (F) in measure # 77 (score page 2). See attachment!

1. If selecting this text by click with the mouse, then on the previous page on the score (near measure 27) a gray square is painted, and if moving this square, the system text in measure 77 is moved too.

2. During the system text is selected, I'm unable to open the inspector (it is disabled in the view menu). If have to open the inspector before I click into the system text.

3. If the cursor is inside the system text (after having clicked into the text), the exit button in the file menu is disabled, so I can't finish mscore in this situation.

4. Changing character properties of that system text by the inspector (character size or switching from normal to bold) is not immediately performed, but at the earliest after a mscore restart.

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Update: Using "Reset text to style" in the inspector helps sometimes to perform the character properties so the layout is visible immediately in the score.

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Status active closed
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  1. Cannot reproduce. The mentioned square doesn't appear.
  2. I can open inspector if the text is selected. If the text is in edit state, Inspector is greyed, indeed. It is expected.
  3. Edit state disables some menus and "Close" as well.
  4. Properties are changed immediately.

If someone can reproduce, please reopen.
Tested on MuseScoreNightly-2018-03-30-2123-master-b92a6e0.dmg (MacOS).