Enable jack support for Macosx (mac)

• Jul 8, 2009 - 15:14
S5 - Suggestion

Jack is available on mac http://www.jackosx.com/


Just figured out that audio routing by Jack on Mac OS X is pretty easy!
Just download and install jackosx, it's a pkg file. You have to restart your computer after installation.
Then go to applications->Jack->Jack Pilot and start Jack server.
Start MuseScore and go to Preferences->I/O in portaudio, choose Jack Router and you will see Musescore out in Jack Pilot interface. If you configure garage band you can record your musescore output in garage band. I guess there are other things to do with it :) Add effect and so on.

Status (old) active fixed

As far as I understand, for the moment, jackosx does not support MIDI routing, but MacOSX leopard does natively.
The only improvement possible might be to have a native interface to jack instead of using jackrouter. Is this mor efficient ? I don't know so I put the issue on fixed.