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• Feb 13, 2013 - 03:53

I need help. Whenever i print out my quartet it comes out very small. I want to make the staff lines and notes larger and a little tighter. I have read many things and nothing helps. Also can you make the third line named Bass clarinet and the fourth clarinet. Thanks i will attach please fix it and attach it in a reply.
Thank you file:///C:/Users/owner/Documents/Incognito%20Solstice.mscz


The size of staves is controlled by Layout / Page Settings / Space (it's literally the size of the space berween staff lines), and everything else will scale accordingly. not sure exactly what you mean by "tighter" - are you referring to horizontal or vertical spacing? if the latter, space within the system or space between systems? i might guess you mean vertical space between systems. That is controlled by Style / Edit General Style / Page. System distance sets the default distance between systems, but if the page exceeds the Page Fill Threshold defined in that same dialog, MuseScore will automatically add extra space to fill up the page. If you don't want that, turn up the threshold to 100.

You can set the name of a staff by right clicking it and choosing Staff Properties.

looking at your score, it appears you added a sngle bass clarinet instrument and gave it two staves. That won't work when it come time to extract parts. You need to create the bass clarinet and clarinet as separate instruments.

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It wont work to the way i want it too. When i change the spacing it just cramms it alll onto one page, even with minor incriments. Is there anyway to enlarge the size of the music when i print it out but still have it on two page with both pages filled evenly?

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Looking at your score, I see that you have:

1) Increased the odd page top margin to 30mm ( in "Layout | Page settings...")
2) Increased the odd page bottom margin to 35mm
3) Reduced the distance between system to 2.6sp (in "Styles | General styles... | Page")

1) and 2) forbid to have 3 systems in the first page, whence the unbalanced look, probably.

I would suggest to restore the default top and bottom margins for the odd page (10mm and 20mm resp.) and increase the distance between systems to at least 7.5 - 8sp. This would give the first page more room and fit 3 systems in it, if this is your goal.

If you increase the scaling (the current 1.634mm is bit low for playing from score), there is no way to fit 3 systems in the first page. If you can stand with 2 systems on the first page and 3 on the second (as there are 5 systems), the scaling can be increased up to 1.710 before over-spilling on a third page (as a rule of thumb, scaling might range from 1.400 for scores to be read but not played from to 1.850 for large separate parts).

I don't know if this answers your requirements (which I was not able to understand fully), but it should possibly give you some indication on the way(s) to go.



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You have to pay attention to what I wrote about the interaction between system distance and page fill threshold. RIght now, you have turned the system distance *way* down - far too small a distance between staves./ You have presumably done this in an effort to get the systems closer together. But as I tried to explain, the reason your systems are currently spread out is because of the page fill. You need to start by setting the system distance back to something reaosnable, then turn off page fill by setting it to 100. *Then* you'll be able to see the actual effect so fchanging system distance. Right now, changing system distance is having no real effect becausde of page fill.

As for enlarging the size of the music, that is also done as I explained previously - increeasing the "space" setting.

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