Invisible objects should not break multimeasure rests

• May 21, 2017 - 08:11
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

e.g. tempo changes which are invisible or system texts unrelated to that particular player. I think they should not be breaking mm rests like they are right now.


How would you tell system texts appart that are relevant to a certain instrument from those that are not? If you have those, use staff text instead.

There are lots of different reasons why an object might be made invisible, some of which might make sense to break rests, some might not. For tempo text, I guess the intent is to tweak the computer playback in a way that for whatever reason it is considered irrelevant to tell human musicians about. So that much at least seems a valid reason to at least want the *option* of not breaking rests.

Perhaps the option to break multi-measure rest in the measure properties could be tweaked to force a measure to be included in any appropriate multi measure rest. Your example of hidden tempo marks, such as those made by the Tempo Changes plugin is an excellent example of measures you don't want hidden.

I'm not sure what is coming in 3.0 as far as tempo changes are concerned, but if a true ritardando or accelerando is not being implemented, this feature would be welcomed.