Put split and join measure on context menu

• Mar 22, 2013 - 11:11
S5 - Suggestion

I have been working very happily with the split and join measure feature whilst producing the unmetrical scores which are part of the stock in trade of my work as a church DoM, but I keep finding myself wishing that these features were either available from the context menu, or the Inspector.

It would save on a few mouse movements if they were :)

A very minor detail, but it would be a very welcome one.


A context menu or inspector section that is only visible of 2 or more complete measures are selected might be pretty difficult to implement.
Hmm, interestingly the menu function doesn't give a damn whether they are completely selected, it takes any selection that spans a barline (otherwise gives an error message)

It probably wouldn't be hard to get it right in the a context menu. I just wonder whether it is worthwhile, given that we are trying to keep the context menus sparse, and these are not common commands for most people, and there is a ncie simple alternative.

As for not caring if the measures are completely selected, I guess maybe that's a feature. BTW, it is the function that is responsible for deciding what to join that is responsible for the crash in #44801: Crash on Join Measures if selection extends to end of score. It was investigating the crash and looking for other reports that I came across this feature request.