German Chords don't work in 2.0

• Apr 9, 2013 - 08:17
S4 - Minor

Just found that in d63eee2 German Chords don't work like they do in 1.2 and 1.3.
(See #7017: Chord names does not support "H" and "Bb" as chord names at the same time)

H works, but B resp. Bb does not, it gets shown as Hb


This isn't really a response to your question, but a comment: I simply can't understand it. You may not realise that "resp." is not an English abbreviation (what would it be an abbreviation of, no-one seems to know), but a mistranslation of Beziehungsweise. Unfortunately my German isn't good enough to translate the sentence into German and back again.

See comments here, for example:…

Right. What I wanted to say is:
English B -> German H, and this works OK
English Bb -> German B (but Bb is acceptable too), this doesn't work and gets shown as Hb, which is nonsense

The same problem once has been fixed for 1.2 but is now back in thze nightly builds